Monday, October 29, 2012

The secret lives of writers

     From the time I decided to go ahead and sit down and write until now, I've discovered that the Disney song is quite accurate. It is indeed a small world after all. The community of authors and all of those who support us are hiding in the everyday ordinariness. Almost like fairies, if you believe, they will come. Or so I have come to think of the magical world that surrounds me every day, here in no where Georgia.
     The first conference I went to for authors and fans, UtopYA, opened my eyes to that world and made me realize that people that surround me everyday often have secret lives...lives that they wish could be full time, but are often part time due to these horrid things called bills. So many part-time writers, editors, artists and musicians have been added to my world since I really started looking with fresh eyes.
      I have learned that a local librarian, an elementary teacher, a police officer and several moms admit that they aspire to be authors. Some are further along in the process than others, some writing and some ready to publish, but they all have one thing in common - they aren't letting what they have to do (aka get a steady paycheck or care for children) get in the way of their passion.
     I was stunned when I found out that the mom in Girl Scouts has a friend who publishes poetry, and the friend who joins me at the playground is working towards being an editor, the police officer is really talented with photoshop and created a book cover that is freaking amazing, not to mention he has made a music soundtrack for his coming novel, and the music producer husband of another friend is now making book trailers with original songs. We're everywhere, hiding behind our other titles.
     As UtopYA creator Janet Wallace put it at the conference,"If you have a story in you, write it." No matter our varying titles that get us through the day, parent, teacher, manager, whatever, there is something about seizing the opportunity to do what you have a passion for. I hope that one day I can fill my days with writing instead of just my nights, but until that day arrives, I'll just keep on keepin on. There is no time like the present to just DO, even if it is for just little chunks at a time in between my other titles....

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