Friday, November 16, 2012

Carving out a space for me

I am a night time novelist. The day time is reserved for homeschooling my children, playgroup, field trips, sports, family time, and my nemesis 'housework'.  I love the night time, the ideas that have sat on the back burner all day finally finding release. The only downside, until recently,  has been my lack of space. 
     The dining room table has been doubling as my writing desk for the last year. It also does the work of eating area, craft area, school area, science center, oh-this-paint-is-so-gloppy-it-will-take-3-days-to-dry-area...and the list goes on. By the time I'd get to claim it as my own, it's covered in the day's work. I took to stowing my speakers (made by my awesome husband who got tired of hearing my character playlists playing on the crappy laptop speakers) and writing lamp nearby, just itching to take their spot on the table each night. Until one night, when they sat on my unmopped floor. And then a second night they were neglected. And then a third. By night time, I was too exhausted to set up office and write. At least, that's what I told myself. 
     Well, that excuse can be used no more!! I have found a place to carve out as my own, all I needed was some creativity in how I viewed my home. Hence forth, my office...what used to just be a storage closet underneath the stairs. I lovingly call it my Harry Potter office and am thrilled to have this little space I bought the furniture, minus the tree stump table that I scored from the park, from a friend's estate sale. I dipped in to my cover art fund, but decided it was worth it. I love it, to put it simply. My little space, where worlds are made. 

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