Sunday, March 3, 2013

Those that carry you along your way

     When I first started to write, I hid myself away from the world. Writing was my escape. A new reality within the confines of my mind and and now my laptop. As I gained confidence that this passion was where I needed to spend more of my time, I let my worlds slowly blend into one. Writing was my new reality, not just the world I had created.
     Little by little I began to share my passion, my work, my new world. I let it bleed into the everyday norm. I broke down the walls I had built around me and a miraculous thing occurred. Support happened.
     My friends became supporters and sometimes more. An editor emerged. Then another. Beta readers came out of the shadows. Musicians and a producer I admire believed enough in me and my process to become a part of it. To enter my world and let me in theirs. I found family.
     There are days when this still surprises me, and others were it terrifies me. My project is now something more. Its not my hiding place, or my solace. It's my life. To share so much of myself with these incredible people, these people who have blind faith in what I aim to's sheer madness. How I came to be part of something so great, to share in something bigger than me, it both amazes me and sometimes makes me want to build the wall back up. These people won't let me though. They haven't given up on me when I got scared and they won't let me fail myself. I'm so very lucky to have found them, to have taken a risk and let them in only to find myself leaning on them later and shocked when they carry me on this journey that I thought was just my own.

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