Thursday, March 28, 2013

My first Beta readers

     Chapters 1-11 of Blinded (Book 1 of the Sun Damaged Series) have made their way to my first Beta readers. Eeek!! It's both thrilling and nerve wracking, to be frank about it. A group of friends has heard Chapters 1 & 2 aloud, and a music producer has begun reading as well. The further I progress, the more REAL it begins to feel. I've uploaded the book to my own Kindle and as I read before bed each night I tingle in anticipation. I wrote a book. I WROTE A BOOK!!
     Now, to write more LOL. To finish the lyrics that swim in my mind. To start on the book trailer. To get the editing finished. And a cover done! SO much to do still, yet the biggest hurdle for myself is done. I wrote and now I am sharing. It's a spectacular feeling :)

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